One Page Strategy

One Page Strategy

The One Page Strategy (OPS)

The One Page Strategy has helped many organizations put all their strategic plans and goals all on one sheet. The idea is that by putting it on one sheet you can look at it throughout the year to make progress on those goals. Additionally, it can be distributed to others (if you’re in an organization) to provide clarity around the mission, vision and strategic plan.

Personally, I have come to use this OPS yearly as I set my goals. Not only does it put it all on one sheet, it also holds me accountable as I too have to look at it from time to time to measure my effectiveness in achieving my goals.

The OPS starts with your mission (who, what, why and for whom are you all about). My mission tends to be “to show up, on time, ready to go.” This section also includes the vision - imagine yourself in a hot air balloon looking down at your next year or years. What do you hope to see by the end? That’s your vision. An example is “ In 20__ I want to have a better balance with restorative growth, striving to be patient with myself and others, while also being content or happy.” Or, “In 20__ I want a year of refilling, to find joy daily, to be kind (to myself and others), to find stability, to remain buoyant and change adept.”

After the mission and the vision is 5-6 strategies you plan to implement to help you achieve your mission and vision. Personally, I like to have big buckets of life which include “Faith/Mindfulness” “Health” “Career/Work” “Fun & Social” “Relationships” and “Finances.” You can choose your own however you orient your life.

Underneath the strategies are your SMART (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Results-oriented, Time-bound) goals. “Lose x amount of weight by y,” “Get x license and complete y projects by z” are all good examples of goals you could set.

Ah, the fun part! Now you get to put the key initiatives you plan to do over the next year(s) to accomplish your goals! “Set up a medical exam and meet quarterly with my doctor,” “Have quarterly community dinners that I host for my friends,” “Go to church and reconnect by also going to the men’s retreat,” “Go to the gym before 9am at least 3-4 days a week.”

You will be amazed what you write down and what you accomplish even in a year. If you’ve got big dreams, build a 3-5 year OPS. This is for your use. You can share with others and ask them to help, but it is really about you! It is the help you be the person you want to be and hold you accountable to the promises you make to YOURSELF.


  • While you’re filling this out ask yourself these important questions: what is important to me? what does success look like to me?

  • Keep it handy, like your work portfolio or tacked above your desk either at work or home. You don’t have to look at it every week, but its good to quarterly go back and be re-energized

  • You’re not suppose to accomplish everything! Be proud of what you did accomplish. What did you learn? What was hard? What was important? Put it on next year’s if you didn’t accomplish it this year!